Intimate Conversation with Kovabis MJ


Intimate Conversation with Kovabis MJ
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio Kovabis MJ developed a love for reading and an aspiration to write at around the age of 19. While in college she began putting her desire into practice by writing poetry. She then moved on to journalizing her thoughts and experiences on paper. Today Kovabis MJ is a mother of two daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, coaching and mentoring. Website:

Operation Real Love: A Woman’s Guide to Protection against the Playa Pimp is a guide that brings light to the various games players use in exploiting a woman’s genuine love and care, for their sole benefit. This straightforward book gives its readers real tools and strategies for recognizing emotional abuse, enhancing their love life, and acknowledging how they are empowered to transform the things that are not producing positive outcomes in the quality of love they desire and deserve.

No newcomer to the many challenges involved with maintaining positive and productive relationships with some men, Kovabis M.J. gives you her in-depth analysis on some of the most destructive relationship practices currently plaguing today’s dating landscape. This incredible resource will provide you with beneficial information that will save you years of unnecessary pain and aggravation in tolerating an unproductive love connection.

Her practical and street savvy approach in identifying men who exploit and manipulate women will inform you of innovative ways of self- empowerment against these attacks on your precious love force. She then inspire you further by suggesting ways which can help you re-connect with your natural inner-power in order to consciously evolve from negative relationship experiences. Her wise words of reason and encouragement in this guide helps instill within the mind of its readers the bravery required to freshly approach the true concept of love by opening up their heart, mind and spirit to its more positive and productive possibilities.
BPM:   What inspired you to write this book, Operation Real Love? I was inspired to write this book by the increasing issues we have in our communities with unhealthy male/female relationships.  I wanted to shed light on a common practice within the dating landscape that is proving detrimental to the social fabric of family life and loving relationships between Black men and women.  I felt that I had something positive to offer from my many years of experience and observations in life and love.

BPM:   What issues in today’s society have you addressed in this book? There has grown to become within our community this ‘playa or pimpin’ culture that some of us have learned to tolerate within our personal lives.  Some women feel that they have no power to stop these experiences with the men who choose to express this persona.  My book addresses the ‘pimpin culture’ to shed light on some of its aspects and how a woman can protect her love from those who seek to exploit her.

BPM:   What is your most valuable lesson learned about the publishing industry?  The lesson I’ve learned is that you have to believe in your work.  You must be determined and ambitious in accomplishing your goal of publishing your work and be willing to allow others, who have more experience in the industry, to mentor you, especially if they have your best interest at heart.

BPM:   How is your book different than others in the market? My book is different because it gives a unique perspective for women to consider in the complex dating scene. 

BPM:   What needs does your book meet that makes it a must for someone to buy?  Instead of fighting ‘fire with fire’ the men who chose to be playa or pimps, women are encouraged to rise above the pain resulting from hurt and heartbreak through self protection, empowerment and awareness.

BPM:   What is the most controversial aspect of your message in your book?  My book takes a close look at the mentality of a playa pimp and sheds light to the origin of his mindset by addressing some of the family issues currently afflicting some families in the African American community.  It also encourages the responsibility of the Black media to become more conscious about the music it chooses to showcase and play for its listeners and viewers.

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ISBN # 978-0-9841991-7-4
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