Intimate Conversation with Lesley E. Hal

Intimate Conversation with author Lesley E. Hal

"Erotic, intense, and extremely satisfying, Lesley E. Hal’s writing never disappoints and always deliver!"
–Zane New York Times bestselling author

 Lesley E. Hal  resides in Dallas, Texas and is a six time New York Times bestselling contributing author of “Succulent” Chocolate Flava II. Her short story, Riding the Friendly Skies, was penned as one of the crème de la crème by non other than the queen of erotica herself, Zane. Lesley Hal is also the author of the highly acclaimed novel “Blind Temptations” the Seduction of Sex, Lies & Betrayal.

The anticipated sequel is on the way. Her second book, Pleasure Principles, is currently available wherever books are sold. Pleasure Principles is an electrifying erotic thrill ride featuring Bianca Brooks from the anthology “Succulent” Chocolate Flava II and the short story that started it all, Stormy Weather.

Stormy Weather was featured in Noire’s online magazine, bestselling author of The G-Spot. Lesley has another sizzling collaboration titled Cougar Suites due out 2010.

BPM:  Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Pleasure Principles? LEH:  I was trying my hand at erotica when I submitted my short story, Stormy Weather, to Noire's online magazine. The story received mad feedback in which later I used the same character, Bianca Brooks, to submit to Zane's Chocolate Flava franchise that went on to become a six time New York Times bestseller. My contribution to "Succulent" Chocolate Flava II, was Riding theFriendly Skies that Zane penned as one of the crème de la crème of the book. After being selected by Zane, the Queen of Erotica herself, that gave me the validation I needed to write a full length erotica novel featuring Bianca Books.

BPM:  As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Pleasure Principles? LEH:  It took me roughly about eight months to complete Pleasure Principles. My writing process is to just do it! I don't have to be in a special mood or require anything other than a computer since my handwriting is so atrocious. LOL!

BPM:  What did you do to the story and plot Pleasure Principles to enhance it from the short story it derived from in the anthology? LEH:  I gave Bianca a story that delves deeper into her obsession with success, pleasure, her promiscuous behavior, scandal and my favorite factor, DRAMA.

BPM:   Everybody knows that sex sells, and this is very true in the book industry. Although the sex reels readers in, what do you provide in Pleasure Principles that gives your readers a complete literary experience? LEH:   Being an avid reader, I love a story with a detailed storyline. A lot of times when you read erotica, we get the steamy, we get the money shots, but what we rarely get is a story outside the sex scenes. With Pleasure Principles, I made sure to prepare a full course of seduction, drama, laughter, tears, shock, suspense, twists, surprises and experiences that weave the story together into one satisfying thrill ride that will deliver everything the reader wanted and more.

BPM:  What's next for Lesley E. Hal, author and business woman?  LEH:  Cougar Suites with N'Tyse and  Blind Temptations II. Check out part one "Blind Temptations" the Seduction of Sex, Lies & Betrayal to see what all the drama is about!

BPM:   How may our readers connect with you online, Lesley?Twitter:

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Lesley E. Hal gives us a good little page-turner in Pleasure Principles. Set in Dallas, the opening scene gives us a quick glimpse into the mindset of our protagonist, Bianca Brooks, owner of the up and coming catering/event planning company, Pleasure Principles.

Bianca has a sexual appetite to rival the entire Dallas Cowboys football team and a certain recklessness that puts back roads racers to shame. An already interesting love life turns downright chaotic when Bianca finds herself sexing both her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s high-profile husband. Neither one knows about the other nor how Bianca’s relationships with the two of them are punctuated with sexual adventures with her neighbor, his girlfriend, and more. The sexual high jinks start strong from the first pages of the book with a story that keeps us reading to the very end.  -- Reviewed by Michelle Bishop

APOOO BOOK 4-STAR BOOK REVIEWPleasure Principles by Lesley Hal is about Bianca Brooks and her insatiable appetite for sex. Bianca is in a relationship with a woman (Taylor) whom is married to a Dallas Mavericks player, Eric Sims. Although, Bianca is in love with Taylor she is frustrated that they are unable to spend more time together. With Bianca's appetite for sex she has quite a few sexual partners on the side.

Bianca is a successful business woman who owns her own catering and event planning company called Pleasure Principles. She runs it with two of her best friends, Cody and Reggie, who are both gay. Cody and Reggie are there for Bianca no matter what kind of drama she gets into. They also keep her in stitches. No matter what Bianca does they do not judge but will gently try to keep her grounded. No matter man or woman, Bianca is a woman that has an itch that needs to be scratched and will not turn down a sexual advance. Bianca's insatiable appetite for sex causes many conflicts and problems. Although Eric is being unfaithful himself, he decides to hire a private investigator to see if Taylor has been unfaithful to him. What he discovers will devastate him and prompt him to make a serious decision.

Pleasure Principles by Lesley Hal was an interesting story to say the least. The story starts off with Bianca telling her tale to a sex therapist. If you think that Bianca is there to find out the reason why she is promiscuous or a way to stop being so promiscuous you are sadly mistaken. This story has a lot of sex thrown in throughout but it is also has a story unlike one you would normally hear about anywhere else.

Hal does an excellent job in weaving together an intricate love triangle; one you will never guess how it will end. I will admit that at first I was apprehensive about reading the story cause it just seemed like it was a sex-filled novel but I really enjoyed the storyline and the overall story. I look forward to reading this author's other novels.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes. Reviewed by Leona for APOOO BookClub
ISBN-10: 0977865541
ISBN-13: 978-0977865543
Categories/genre: Erotic Thriller

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