Sankofa Bookclub Summit - Black Books Weekend

* Monday, November 29, 2010
Theme: Sankofa Bookclub and Twitter Friend Summit
Listen to the rebroadcast here today. Leave your comments below.

We invited readers to tell us what was on their mind! We discussed the books they were reading and what they would like to see changed in the literary world. Check it out, here, to see what's important!

All Up In My BusinessWhat Love Tastes LikeLovin' BlueStraight from Your Gay Best Friend: The Straight-Up Truth About Relationships, Work, and Having a Fabulous LifeYou Showed MeWorthy

Speakers and Featured Authors Reading

Lutishia Lovely
Zuri Day
Terrance Dean
William Ashanti Hobbs
Nahisha McCoy
Debra Owsley, owner of Simply Said Reading Accessories

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