Don't Blame the Devil by Pat G'Orge-Walker

 Don't  Blame the Devil  by Pat G'Orge-Walker

Walker's latest hilarious faith-based romp spotlights a devilish diva who finally realizes that, although she might look like Lena Horne, she "ain't Lena Horne."  But in Walker's world, second chances at happiness are not only possible but probable, even at 63. Almost 40 years have passed since Delilah Dupree Jewel left her husband, Deacon Thurgood (aka "Thur-no-good") and put their two-year-old son, Jessie, in foster care in order to pursue a career in showbiz that took her all the way to California.

Back in New York, running out of money (but not out of smarts) and licking the wounds of her failed shot at stardom, she asks Jehovah for help. Ask and ye shall receive: she runs right into Thurgood at Harlem's New Hope Assembly Church. Now 70, but still sporting the same hairstyle he wore in his youth, Deacon is mortified; he doesn't want Delilah to know that he's befriended Jessie, now a widower, but he's never told Jessie that he's his real father. But the truth finally, and humorously, comes out. Walker shines a little light on a wacky family reunion with her usual inspirational, knee-slapping style.
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Hang on to your seat as Pat G'Orge Walker spins a hilarious, inspiring novel of mistakes and second chances, heartache and love, sin and salvation...

Appearances mean everything to Delilah Dupree Jewel. So after hearing of her daughter-in-law's sudden death, Delilah decides that coming to the rescue of her long estranged son Jesse and her granddaughter Tamara would be a good look . . . though Lord knows she-ll have to dig hard to find her maternal instincts.

But Delilah quickly discovers Jesse wants nothing to do with her. And Tamara, who's following in Delilah's musical footsteps, isn't interested in her career advice, especially since Delilah got ahead using the singing couch. And Delilah's old flame Deacon Pillar, an ex-convict who-s traded in his gangster ways for a Bible, is stirring up a past that-s sure to shock.  Now, all Delilah knows is that she'd better hold on to her faith, because she needs God now more than ever. . . .

Don't Blame the Devil  by Pat G'Orge-Walker

“Okay, that’s enough!” Tamara said finally. “I think I want a DNA test done before I believe that I’m carrying any genes from you two. Damn!”

“Hold up young lady, didn’t I tell you before that you can’t cuss. You got too much class for such language.” The deacon rose from his seat to put emphasis on what he’d said. Pointing to Delilah, he continued, “Now Dee Dee only pretends to have a lot of class. That’s why she has the potty mouth.”

And then Delilah and the deacon went for round two. They were scrapping like two old champions and several times, they each laid a verbal T.K.O. One acted as if they knew more than the other did when it came to God’s word.

“Stop acting like this Dee Dee. Baby Girl knows Christians don’t fight like cats and dogs.”

Well stop acting like God didn’t have a mafia in the Bible, Delilah barked.

Delilah turned to her granddaughter and smiled. “Tamara sweetheart, I know you’ve gone to church probably a lot more and longer than me.”

“I know I sure have.” Deacon Pillar muttered.

“I don’t care if I’ve only passed by a church or only seen a picture of it,” Delilah snapped, “I still know about God. So you two can’t tell me that you don’t know that God gave permission to some of his folks to kill or maim other folks.”

Delilah’s supposed words of wisdom hung in the air like a mushroom cloud. “Y’all need to read up a bit more from your Bible. Try reading the Old Testament. There was a lot of retribution going on. I don’t know how y’all call yourselves a deacon and a church girl and don’t know about God’s mafia. God had a hit list too. In fact, if I recall Moses was one of God’s biggest enforcer’s just like that Mafioso Tony Soprano on television.”

Delilah grabbed a nearby broom and threw it to the floor. “You know Moses took a broomstick and turned it into a snake and then he sure turned that Pharaoh into a punk. He did all that after God gave him the go-ahead. And you think David would’ve killed Goliath if God hadn’t wanted it to happen?”

Both the deacon’s and Tamara’s jaws dropped.

Tamara leaned over and whispered to Deacon Pillar.” She’s not kidding is she?”

“She’s as serious as Obama was about becoming President.”


 About the AuthorPat G'Orge-Walker is the Essence bestselling author of Somebody's Sinning in My Bed; Somewhat Saved; Cruisin' on Desperation; Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin's Dead; Sister Betty, God's Calling You, Again!; and contributed a short story to the anthology Proverbs for the People.

Growing up a preacher's kid gave G'Orge-Walker a quirky perspective on the church community and inspired her to create a one-woman comedy show centering on Sister Betty, an elderly super saint whose un-Christian-like behavior blocks her blessings. With the success of the Sister Betty comedy show, G'Orge-Walker turned her humor and imagination to writing. She resides in Long Island, New York, with husband Rob. Visit her online on Facebook, and

ISBN-10: 0758235429
ISBN-13: 978-0758235428
Sequel to Somebody's Sinning in My Bed

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